Simply put, estate planning answer the question of what happens to "your stuff" after you die.

Why do you go to a doctor?

Why do you go to a dentist?

I'm guessing it's because you think they have certain knowledge and skills that you do not have. They probably do. That's how the world works.

Speaking for myself, I do not know how to fix a cavity or perform a root canal. Or how to set a broken bone, diagnose a sick person or any of the other things doctors do. 

I hire people who know about these things to help me when I have these problems.

You should too.

What is Estate Planning?

Wills & Trusts (Estate Planning)

Why Not Just Do It Myself?

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The same reason you would hire any other professional. Chances are, we've seen and handled your situation before and know how to help you!

What About Websites?
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See my Estate Planning 101 Article here:

This is an option.

If all you care about is price then it's a great option.

If you care about personal service then it is not.

Here's what I mean:

Let's say you buy a Will through a website because they have a really low price. 

Now it's four years later and you have a question.

Who are you going to call? The website? 
​Do they even offer that service? I do.  

My estate planning clients are always free to call with follow-up questions at any time. 

Will the website be around in four years? I will! 

Even if I'm not you can always find another attorney!

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Why Hire an Estate Planning Attorney?