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Or, if there is a business, it's small and generates minimal income.

No major disagreements about:

Who pays what debts after the divorce.

Personal Property.


To A Lesser Extent

No Children

Some divorces are simple; some are not

I assume the reasoning is obvious!

What Makes a Divorce Simple? Here are My Thoughts

No Businesses
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No Spousal Support

Other Factors

No Real Estate

Arguments about children can create such intense emotions it is my opinion that children make it much more difficult to have a simple divorce than otherwise.

Children open up the possibility of disagreement about any or all of the following: 

Custody, parenting time, where the kids go to school, who has to pick up and drop off for parenting time, holidays, summer breaks, medical expenses and more. 

It also means potential disagreement about child support. 

It also means understanding the important of overnight visits, tax exemptions, the cost of child care and addressing which parent may potentially have to pay for health insurance.

And More.

If you can agree on all these things that's great. But they must be addressed.

This requires time and effort.

In my view this is
the main dividing line

This means no disagreements about whether there is marital property and separate property; about who is staying in the home (or not), possibly having to remove someone's name from the home's title and who can sell the home and at what price.

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