There are three basic situations that arise in probate court litigation.

One is that you are the Personal Representative (or Trustee) and someone is claiming you are not administering the estate (or Trust) properly.

Another is that you are a beneficiary who thinks an estate (or Trust) is not being properly administered.

Finally, there are disagreements over the terms of a Will or Trust. For example, whether someone was disinherited or if/when the PR or Trustee can take a particular course of action.

Probate Court litigation is both the same and different than other types of litigation.

The same because it's litigation - two (or more) parties addressing a situation via the court system.

Different because it involves probate law (rather than, say, family law or personal injury law).

And it may involve obligations of a deceased person, rather than the living. 

I have advised people on both sides of such situations; those administering estates and trusts and those concerned about the way administration is being handled. This lets me understand both sides of the proverbial coin.

I understand the thinking behind estate and trust administration, how to get that job done.

I know what to look for when a beneficiary asks me if their situation is being handled properly. 

Finally my appellate experience has sharpened my research and writing skills. If we end up in court, I know how to find the law to make my case and how to use that law in court.

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