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​If someone owes you money and won't pay give me a call.  I can help you.

A few helpful hints:

It's good to lawfully gather as much information as you can about the debtor before calling. 

For example where does this person work? 
Do you know if the person has bank accounts? 

That information will help me assess how much success I will likely have in collecting the debt!

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Been Sued For Money?

Trying to Collect?

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​Don't ignore the suit! Call me! I will help you !

If you're being sued by a debt collection agency you can often make a good deal. 
But you have to do something. Ignoring the suit will not lead to a good outcome!

Collection agencies just want money. 
If you legitimately owe the money and are not eligible to file bankruptcy (or don't want to) then you want to make the best deal you can.

I can help you do that!