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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is what people usually think of when they think about bankruptcy. 

Chapter 7 will discharge most (and sometimes all) of your debts. 

Chapter 7 also allows you to keep a certain amount of your possessions. 

In many instances you'll be able to keep everything you own. 

This helps you get the fresh start that bankruptcy law promises.  

The process usually takes between

4 and 6 months.

Chapter 13


Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a reorganization of your debts.

It involves paying back some (and even all) of your debts over a period of time.  

There are situations where chapter 13 is your only option. 

There are also situations where chapter 13 makes more sense, such as when you need to pay mortgage arrears to keep a home.

Once you've completed the payment plan, any remaining debts eligible for discharge will be discharged. 

Bankruptcy and

Debt Relief

John Ceci PLLC is a debt relief law firm.  I help people ​file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code.

Chapter 7


Bankruptcy (debt relief) is great way to get rid of many (and sometimes all) of your debts. Legally!

If you're having trouble making ends meet every month it might be time to talk to a bankruptcy attorney. 

Give me a call. Ask a few questions. Find our your options.​​

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