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Judges are people, too. Sometimes they make mistakes.

If you think your judge made a mistake you have two choices:

live with it or do something about it.

The way you "do something" about it is by filing an appeal.

Why Should I Appeal?

It really depends on the circumstances of your case.

Generally, the Court of Appeals is considered an error-correcting court.

That means if a trial court makes certain mistakes the Court of Appeals is there to fix it.

It's different in the Michigan Supreme Court.

Their decisions affect the law of our entire State.

So they are much more selective about their cases. 

If at First You don't Succeed - Appeal!

An attorney with experience in trial courts and the appeals courts is a great choice!

The rules and procedures each court uses are different.

It's important to know the differences. 

An attorney who handles cases in both courts is used to thinking about cases from both points of view.

​I've won cases in the Court of Appeals.

I can do it again!

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