Helping You Untie the Knot (Family Law & Divorce)

What's the Difference?

Divorce is the legal process of ending a marriage.  Family law includes divorce and much more.

It addresses issues issues that arise after a divorce and between two unmarried people with children. If you are having trouble seeing your child(ren) a family law attorney  can help. If you are paying child support and lost your job a family law attorney can help.  

If you think the person paying child support should be paying more, a family law attorney can help. I can handle any of these situation from start to finish!​

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Already Divorced?

If you're divorced with children then you know your case isn't completely over until your children become adults.   

You may need to adjust child support, parenting time or even change custody.   I can handle these matters from start to finish!

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John Ceci PLLC can answer your questions about bankruptcy, family law, divorce, wills & trusts, probate court, appeals, and trust administration law issues in Michigan.

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