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Level the Playing Field

In Michigan, Children's Protective Services (CPS) workers are often intimidating and overly-aggressive.

They often act as if they are the only people  in the world who care about children.

Being accused of child abuse or neglect is scary. You can be investigated based solely on an anonymous report. 

Help yourself by contacting  an experienced CPS attorney as soon as possible.

The "System" Is Not Fair

Being accused of harming your child may be the most difficult situation you will ever face.   If you're dealing with CPS and the court system then you probably feel that the system is unfair; even though CPS cases are not criminal cases you may well feel like a criminal. That's because the system is biased against parents. It just is.

My job, as your attorney, as a parent's attorney is to protect your parental right and, to the best of my ability, level the playing field.

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