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John Ceci

A Partial Biography

  • Brighton High School (Brighton, MI)
  • Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti, MI)
  • Thomas M. Cooley Law School (Lansing, MI)
  • US Army veteran (1987 to 1991​)

Admitted to

  • State Bar of Michigan (November 2002)
  • Eastern District of Michigan (federal court)

What I Do

People sometimes wonder what attorneys do. My answer is that attorneys help people solve problems. When people come to me, it's usually because they are facing a situation they aren't sure how to deal with.

They have questions and are looking for answers. I look at the situation and figure out how I can help. And when they hire me, I get to work!

Helping someone with too much debt is different than helping someone whose parent just passed away. It is different from helping someone get a divorce. Sometimes I help by preparing documents in my office. Other times it means a lawsuit. It could mean taking a case to trial. It could mean taking a case to the Court of Appeals or even the Supreme Court. Many times good results are obtained with persistence and simply knowing what you're doing.

Knowing the law and being able to ride out the ups and downs of a case can go a long way towards helping people with their legal problems. That's what I do.

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