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Last Weeks' Episode (Jan. 8, 2019):

Episode 133: Festivus 2019

It’s our version of Festivus; we offer concluding thoughts on the 2018 college bowl games. Also, an interesting New Year’s Eve poll and a Detroit Lions beat writer. We end with an interesting tech anniversary.

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Sports, Law and Technology are our main topics. But not our only topics! We do take time to talk about other things. And we also take some of our on-going talks, such as trial court process, and make special compilations with them.

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July 4, 2018

Episode 102: One (Stubborn) Founding Father

We offer 4th of July trivia and other observations about this long-celebrated day. Learn why Pres. John Adams thought July 2 was more important than the 4th!

Memorial Day 2018

Episode 96: Ham and Jam

We discuss what this seemingly innocuous phrase meant for some British soldiers on D-Day!

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Last Weeks' Episode (Jan. 15, 2019):

Episode 134: A Barrister's Delight!

Three legal cases this week: the “video” case is over;

a case involving faxes & one case that really got out of hand! Also, how much is too much when it comes to paying NFL quarterbacks?

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