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Sports, Law and Technology are our main topics. But not our only topics! We do take time to talk about other things. And we also take some of our on-going talks, such as trial court process, and make special compilations with them.

The Guys with Mics podcast is live!

It features me (John Ceci) and

fellow attorney Scott Bassett.

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Trial Court Compilations

Episodes 37, 39 and 41

These special episodes are a a compilation of our take on family law cases going through the trial court process.

We spoke on this over six different episodes.

We combine the episodes, two at a time, into a compilation.

Memorial Day 2017

Episode 33

We recognize Memorial Day by talking about the fascinating story of Fred Jones. He died during the attack on Pearl Harbor. But his remains were not properly buried until the week before Memorial Day 2017.

Special Episodes

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Last Weeks' Episode (April 3, 2018):

Episode 88: Take Us Out (to eat) To the Ballgame!

Baseball’s back and we look at new items on the menu around the country! Video streaming could be getting faster and what’s going on with Facebook.
Plus, a Pandora quiz for Scott!

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This Weeks' Episode (April 10, 2018):

Episode 89: Poor Lawyers (And Their Clients)
It’s mostly the law this week, as we talk about a New Jersey man who couldn’t pay his littering fine, a Texas public defender who is apparently working too hard and when judges can be a problem.

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